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Automatic Goods Receipt Note

Manufacturing industries receives raw materials every hour from their suppliers through hundreds of trucks. Goods Receipt Note entry is the process at the gate where the manual data entry is happening while the goods arrive at the gate. This manual process has been consuming more time; meanwhile the queue of the truck which arrived to deliver the goods was also getting longer. Truck drivers also had to wait for a long time in the queue and used to lose their patient.

This above said manual process can be automated by implementing 2D or QR barcode on the invoice or delivery chellan that are received from supplier. This has to be done by the supplier. The barcode will have all the information / data required to type on the GRN Screen. The barcode can be printed while the invoice getting printed or can be a sticker form which can be pasted on the invoice. While delivery of the goods at the gate, instead of manual key-in, the people at the gate just have to scan the barcode using a 2D barcode scanner which will make sure that the data can posted in respective field.

The above automated process will ensure saving time up to 50% to 60%.

The team at Ess-Matrix Infotech has a vast experience in executing this project at many industries. Ess-Matrix can provide software solution for this requirement along with hardware items such as barcode printers, barcode scanner, and hand held terminals etc.