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Contract / Casual Labor Management System

Large manufacturing industries hire labors from contractors. Organization chooses to appoint contractor for the supply of contract labors to avoid many issues. There has been always huge number of labor turnover when it comes to contract / casual labors. Also if any one labor is being classified as absconded, fired or etc. for any reason, industries need to keep an eye on such labor and make sure that the particular labor is not selected again being sent by different contractor. Taking attendance report from multiple entry point for the 3 shifts for huge number of casual / contract labor is also a tedious job.

Ess-Matrix Infotech provides a comprehensive solution the management of Contract / Casual Labor. It covers from registration, ID Card Issue, Preventing classified labors, Time & attendance. It integrates with any ERP, HRMS system.

Ess-Matrix also provides hardware items used in the management of contract / casual labor, such as Bio-Metric Readers, barcode printer, barcode scanner, self-service Kiosk, hand held terminal, camera, printers etc. as a bundle offer along with casual / contract labor management system.