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Inventory Management System

Inventory Management is all about knowing and handling of materials / goods required for manufacturing, sales and operation. Inventory management is required for all types of materials such as Direct Materials required for production (RAW materials), indirect materials (non-production materials) used for in-house usage purpose, consumables for machinery maintenance purpose, finished goods for trading etc.

Inventory management is required for all manufacturing industries, trading organization, warehousing / distribution organizations. An effective Inventory management system will give us a clear cut idea about what is required, how much is required, how much is in hand, how much is to be procured, when to procure.

Inventory Management starts from material master creation, Purchase Order Creation, GRN Entry, Purchase Return.

Ess-Matrix Infotech offers a comprehensive software solution for effective management of inventory control.

Ess-Matrix also provides hardware items required for inventory management system such as barcode scanners, barcode printers, and hand held terminal, Barcode Labels / Ribbons and others.