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BlueTooth / Mobile Printer

Blue tooth or Mobile printers are used to serve the purpose where the typical printers cannot serve the purpose. It can be used to print receipt & barcode label. It uses Blue tooth technology to communicate between the device and printer.

Blue tooth / Mobile printers will be a perfect solution for people who need to accomplish the task of printing receipt / token / vouchers / bills on the go such as Restaurants & Hotels, Retail, Point of Sale, Sales Force Automation, Field Force Automation, Mobile Banking, courier and logistic are some of the ideal verticals that might need blue tooth / mobile printers.

Blue tooth / mobile printers supports Operating System for Windows, Android and Apple.

Ess-matrix also provides tailor made application software solutions for Windows, Android, IOS devices to connect with blue tooth / mobile printers.

Zebra_qln220_Mobile-Printer Zebra QLN220 Mobile Printer
Zebra_qln320_Mobile_Printer Zebra QLN320 Mobile Printer
Zebra-qln420_Mobile_printer Zebra QLN420 Mobile Printer
Zebra_imz220_Mobile_Printer Zebra IMZ220 Mobile Printer
Zebra_iMZ320-Mobile-Printer Zebra IMZ320 Mobile Printer
Zebra-rw-220-mobile-printer Zebra RW220 Mobile Printer
Zebra_rw420 Zebra RW420
Zebra_rw420-printstation Zebra RW420 Print Station
Printronix_M4L_Right_With_Label Printronix M4L Right With Label
Datamax-O'Neil_RL3 Datamax O'Neil RL3
datamax_rl4 Datamax RL4
datamax_lp3_mobile-printer Datamax LP3 Mobile Printer
datamax_oc3_Mobile-printer Datamax OC3 Mobile Printer