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Hand Held Terminals

Hand held terminals are the device which is used where ever the services of barcode scanners and computers could not be reached such as Production area, Warehouse, field force automation and many other areas. It comes with Operation System, barcode scanners, RFID readers and many other features that is available in the normal PC. Thus it is called as a Hand Held Terminal. It is also called as mobile computers & Personal Digital Assistance.

Ess-Matrix offers a wide range of Hand Held Terminals / PDA / Mobile Computers to suite any kind requirement be it industrial, retail, Sales / Field Force Automation.

Ess-Matrix is the only solution provider who provides multi brand Hand Held Terminal / PDA / Mobile Computers. Ess-Matrix is an authorized channel partner for Motorola, Honeywell & Intermec.

Ess-matrix also provides tailor made application software solutions for Hand Held Terminal / PDA / Mobile Computers customized according to its client requirements for all industries.


Honeywell-O5100 Honeywell O5100
Dolphin-6100 Dolphin 6100
Dolphin-6500 Dolphin 6500
Dolphin-99-GX Dolphin 99 GX
Honeywell-Dolphin-99-EX Honeywell Dolphin 99 EX
Dolphin-60s-Scan-Phone Dolphin 60S Scan Phone
Dolphin-70e-Black Dolphin 70E Black
Dolphin-7800-EDA Dolphin 7800 EDA
Dolphin-7800-for-Android Dolphin 7800 for Android
Honeywell-mx9-ultra-rugged Honeywell MX9 Ultra Rugged
black-wearable Black Wearable
honeywell-tectoncs Honeywell Tectoncs


Motorola-MC-2180 Motorola MC 2180
Motorola-MC-3190 Motorola MC 3190
Motorola-MC9090g Motorola MC9090g
Motorola-MC40-silver Motorola MC40 Silver
Motorola-MC-55 Motorola MC55
Motorola-MC-65 Motorola MC65
MC-75A Motorola 07MC 75A
Work-About-Pro-4 Work About Pro-4
Omnii-XT15 Omnii XT15
EP-10 Motorola 10EP 10


Intermec-CK3R Intermec CK3R
Intermec-CK3X Intermec CK3X
Intermec-CK70 Intermec CK70
Intermec-CK71 Intermec CK71
Intermec-CN51 Intermec CN51
Intermec-CN70 Intermec CN70 Series
Intermec-70-Series-RFID Intermec 70 Series RFID
Intermec-FlexDock Intermec FlexDock