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Vehicle Mount Terminals

Just like hand held terminal, Vehicle Mount Terminals are used in industrial ware houses where the fork lift operator needs to read the barcodes on the go or while picking up or storing materials at warehouse.

It is mounted on Vehicle like fork-lift and comes with Operation System and many other features that are available in the normal PC. Barcode scanners and RFID readers can be connected with Vehicle Mount terminals to capture the values.

We offers Honeywell and Motorola brand of Vehicle Mount Terminals to suite any kind industrial requirement. We are an authorized channel partner for Motorola, Honeywell & Intermec.

We also provides tailor made application software solutions for Vehicle Mount Terminal customized according to its industrial client requirements.


Honeywell-Thor-CV31-Vehicle-Mount-Computer Honeywell Thor CV31 Vehicle Mount Computer
Honeywell-thor-VM1-Vehicle-Mount-Computer Honeywell Thor VM1 Vehicle Mount Computer
Honeywell-Thor-VM2-Vehicle-Mount-Computer Honeywell Thor VM2 Vehicle Mount Computer
Honeywell-Thor-VX9-Vehicle-Mount-Computers Honeywell Thor VX9 Vehicle Mount Computer
Honeywell-Thor-VX8-Vehicle-Mount-Computers Honeywell Thor VX8 Vehicle Mount Computer


Intermec-CV41 Intermec CV41
Intermec-CV61 Intermec CV61