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Digital Video Recorder

Video surveillance has become an integral part of modern corporate world. Every organization and commercial establishment needs their assets, valuables, people to be safe from theft, fire and many other threats.

We at Ess-Matrix provide end-to-end CCTV surveillance solution. Our services includes right from taking Survey, BOM Preparation, Networking, installation, commissioning, testing and handing over the system.

Ess-Matrix is an authorized distributor and solution provider of whole range of HikVision CCTV products. HikVision, one of the global major manufacturer and supplier of Analog CCTV Camera, IP CCTV Camera, DVR, NVR and other accessories.

In a very shorter period we have executed many major project of CCTV Surveillance system which includes, Hyundai, Michelin Tyres, Amalgamation Group, Wheels India, Kals Group, Sathyam Theatre, GRT Jewellery, Motherson Group and many more

DS-9104-9108-9116HWI-ST_Standalone_DVR DS-9104-9108-9116HWI-ST Standalone DVR
DS-9104-9108-9116HFI-ST_Standalone_DVR DS-9104-9108-9116HFI-ST Standalone DVR
DS-8104-8108-8116HFHI-ST_HD_SDI_DVR DS-8104-8108-8116HFHI-ST HD SDI DVR
DS-8124-8132HCI-SH_Standalone_DVR DS-8124-8132HCI-SH Standalone DVR
DS-7304-7308-7316HFHI-ST_HD_SDI_DVR DS-7304-7308-7316HFHI-ST HD SDI DVR
DS-7324-7332HI-SH_Standalone_DVR DS-7324-7332HI-SH Standalone DVR
DS-7304-7308-7316-7324-7332HWI-SH_Standalone_DVR DS-7304-7308-7316-7324-7332HWI-SH Standalone DVR
DS-7304-7308-7316-7324-7332HFI-SH_Standalone_DVR DS-7304-7308-7316-7324-7332HFI-SH Standalone DVR
DS-7304-7308-7316HI-SH_Standalone_DVR DS-7304-7308-7316HI-SH Standalone DVR