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Line Printers & HSDMP

Heady duty line printers and dot matrix printers are required to print heavy and large volume of printing jobs. Banks, Insurance institutes, colleges, railway depts., stock broking companies will require these kind of heady duty printers to print bulk jobs. These heavy duty printers can print 2D barcodes also.

Ess-Matrix is the authorized dealer for Epson, Lipi, Printronix and Wep heady duty line printers and heavy duty dot matrix printers.

Heavy Duty Dot Matrix Printers

Lipi-2250 Lipi 2250
Lipi-2265 Lipi 2265
Lipi-2280 Lipi 2280
Epson-DLQ-3500 Epson DLQ 3500
Wep-HQ-1600 Wep HQ 1600
Wep-HQ-2650 Wep HQ 2650
Wep-HQ-2800 Wep HQ 2800

Lipi Line Matrix Printers

Lipi-Line-Printer-6606 Lipi Line Printer 6606
Lipi-Line-Printer-6610 Lipi Line Printer 6610
Lipi Line Printer 6615 Lipi Line Printer 6615
Lipi-Line-Printer-6620 Lipi Line Printer 6620