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Servers & Workstations

Ess-Matrix Infotech provides HP and Dell range of servers and work station for any kind of requirement such as web server, DB server, Application Servers, TFS Server. Ess-Matrix is the channel sales partner for HP and DELL.

Tower Servers

PowerEdge-T110-II-Tower-Server PowerEdge T110 II Tower Server
PowerEdge-T20-Mini-Tower-Server PowerEdge T20 Mini Tower Server
PowerEdge-T320-Tower-Server PowerEdge T320 Tower Server
PowerEdge-T420-Tower-Server PowerEdge T420 Tower Server
PowerEdge-T430-Tower-Server PowerEdge T430 Tower Server
PowerEdge-T630-Tower-Server PowerEdge T630 Tower Server

Rack Servers

PowerEdge-R715-Rack-Server PowerEdge R715 Rack Server
PowerEdge-R815-Rack-Server PowerEdge R815 Rack Server
PowerEdge-R320 PowerEdge R320
PowerEdge-R520 PowerEdge R520
PowerEdge-R730 PowerEdge R730
PowerEdge-R830 PowerEdge R830
PowerEdge-R930 PowerEdge R930

Blade Servers

PowerEdge-M420-Blade-Server PowerEdge M420 Blade Server
PowerEdge-M520-blade-server PowerEdge M520 Blade Server
PowerEdge-Blade-Server-M620 PowerEdge Blade Server M620
PowerEdge-Blade-Server-M820 PowerEdge Blade Server M820
PowerEdge-Blade-Server-M630 PowerEdge Blade Server M630