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Bio-Metric Solutions

Biometric technologies, though a decade old technology used for identification and authentication is still growing and getting stronger. Biometric technology consist reading and recognizing of fingerprint, palm print, eye retina & Facial recognition Biometric identity is unique to each individual, thus it becomes 100% reliable than other methods such as passwords, PIN, Proxy Cards & Smart Cards etc.

The application of Biometric technology is also increasing. It is not restricted to time and attendance only but also can be used for the following application

  • Access Control
  • Canteen Management
  • Library Management
  • Labor Management and many more

Ess-Matrix provides end-to-end solution for your biometric based requirement. Ess-Matrix has implemented a biometric based solution for addressing the challenges in managing contract labors to a major mobile accessory manufacturing company and a major automobile manufacturer at Chennai, India.