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LCD Projectors

Every organization be it corporates, Small and Medium Enterprise, Manufacturing Industries, Educational Institutions, Government Department, Media & Entertainment organization are in need of Projectors.

Projectors are used for business meeting, educational and industrial trainings, Sports and other entertainment events, family event like marriages and for many other purposes.

Ess-Matrix Infotech deals with Epson range of LCD Projector. Epson introduced 3LCD technology in projector that delivers every detail in depth, bright and natural color and reliability.

Business & Education

Epson-EB-1975W Epson EB 1975W
Epson-EB-1980WU Epson EB 1980WU
Epson-EB-425W-435W Epson EB 425W-435W
Epson-EB-420-430 Epson EB 420-430
Epson-EB-1945W Epson EB 1945W
Epson-EB-1955 Epson EB 1955
Epson-EB-1965 Epson EB 1965
Epson-EB-1940W Epson EB 1940W
Epson-EB-1960 Epson EB 1960
Epson-EB-W12 Epson EB W12
Epson-EB-W16SK Epson EB W16SK
Epson-EB-945 Epson EB 945
Epson-EB-955W Epson EB 955W
Epson-EB-965 Epson EB 965
Epson-EB-S03 Epson EB S03
Epson-EB-S18 Epson EB S18
Epson-EB-W03 Epson EB W03
Epson-EB-X03 Epson EB X03
Epson-EB-X18 Epson EB X18
Epson-EB-X24 Epson EB X24

Interactive Projectors

Epson-EB-421i-431i Epson EB 421i-431i
Epson-EB-426Wi-EB-436Wi Epson EB-426Wi EB-436Wi
EB-595Wi_560x314 EB 595Wi 560x314
Epson-EB-575wi Epson EB-575wi
Epson-EB-585W Epson EB-585W
Epson-EB-1430Wi-d Epson EB-1430Wi-d

Ultra Portable

Epson-EB-1776W Epson EB 1776W

High Brightness

Epson-EB-G6550WU Epson EB-G6550WU
Epson-EB-Z11000 Epson EB-Z11000
Epson-EB-Z11000W Epson EB-Z11000W
Epson-EB-Z8050W Epson EB-Z8050W
Epson-EB-Z8150 Epson EB-Z8150
Epson-EB-4850WU Epson EB-4850WU
Epson EB-G6050W Epson EB-G6050W
Epson-EB-G6150 Epson EB-G6150
Epson-EB-G6900WU Epson EB-G6900WU
Epson-EB-Z8000WU Epson EB-Z8000WU
Epson-EB-Z10005 Epson EB-Z10005
Epson-EB-Z8455WU Epson EB-Z8455WU
Epson-EB-Z8355W Epson EB-Z8355W
Epson-EB-Z9875U Epson EB-Z9875U

Home Theater

Epson-EH-TW6100 Epson EH-TW6100
Epson-EH-TW550 Epson EH-TW550
Epson-EH-TW5200 Epson EH-TW5200
Epson-EH-TW8200 Epson EH-TW8200