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POS Solutions

Point Of Sale or POS is the place where the customer pays money for the purchased goods and/or services and gets the receipt for the paid money from the retailer.

Point Of Sale systems may consist of weighing scale, barcode scanners, computer cpu & display, cash register, receipt printer, touch display, UPS and a retail software solutions. Ess-Matrix Infotech deals with Epson, Posiflex, Palas & TVS range of POS systems and peripherals.

POS system can also be integrated with ERP to automate the process flow of inventory, supply chain, warehouse management and accounts / finance management.

Also POS system can be integrated with web based online portal which will enable the customer to buy goods from home or on the go.

POS System is being used at variety of places such as

  • Retail Outlets
  • Restaurants
  • Bars & Clubs
  • Beauty Parlor
  • Jewelry Shops
  • Cinemas & Entertainment
  • Malls & Super Markets and many more places

Ess-Matrix provides end-to-end solutions for any type of Point Of Sale requirements.