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Technology is the term used to describe the process, method, technique used to accomplish the task. Such task could be production of goods, rendering services or for self-satisfaction of the people. The world has seen a massive technological advancement in the 20th Century and still more new technologies keep on invented by human beings.

Ess-Matrix Infotech helps industries to accomplish their task in a better, smarter, cost effective, faster way by utilizing the best suitable technological solution.

Ess-Matrix provides software and hardware solution by utilizing the following technologies.

Software technologies - for Front End GUI

  • C# Dot Net
  • ASP Dot Net
  • Eclips for Android
  • PHP

Software technologies - for Back End Database

  • Microsoft SQL
  • My SQL
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft Access

Hardware Technologies - for System Integration & Automation

  • Barcode Technology
  • RFID Technology
  • Bio-metric technology
  • Android & Windows Mobile technology