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Barcode Printers

Barcode is one of the best inventions in the field of computer technology. Barcode has become an inevitable tool for industries like retail, automobile & electronic manufacturing, warehousing, logistics and other commercial business processes. Barcode printers are used to encode the values and to print as a barcode for automating the manual process.

Ess-Matrix offers a wide range brands of barcode printers to suite any kind of requirement be it industrial or retail, Desk-top printers or heavy duty printers. Ess-Matrix is the only solution provider who provides multi brand barcode printers. Ess-Matrix is an authorized channel partner for Zebra, Printronix, Sato, Godex & Intermec. Ess-Matrix also provides tailor made barcode label printing software solution customized according to its client requirements for all industries. Ess-Matrix, also supplies accessories and quality consumables for barcode printers such as barcode labels, ribbons, print heads, platen rollers, cables and many others.

Desktop Barcode Printers

Datamax_E_Class_Mark_3 Datamax E Class Mark 3
datamax_w1110 Datamax w1110
zebra_zd500r-c Zebra ZD500R C
zebra_GC420T Zebra GC420T
Zebra_GX420D Zebra GX420D
Zebra_GX420t Zebra GX420T
Zebra_GC420d Zebra GC420D
Zebra_gk420-healthcare Zebra GK420 Healthcare
zebra_gk420D Zebra GK420D
Zebra_gk420t Zebra GK420T
Zebra_GK420_Healthcare Zebra GK420T Healthcare
Zebra_gx430t Zebra GX430T
Sato-cg408 Sato CG408
Sato-sa408 Sato SA408
Intermec-PC23d Intermec PC23d
Intermec-PC43d Intermec PC43d

Industrial Barcode Printers

Datamax_I-Class_MII Datamax I-Class MII
Datamax_M_Class_Mark_2 Datamax M-Class Mark 2
Datamax_H8308p Datamax H8308P
datamax-h-class Datamax H-Class
Printronix_T4M Printronix T4M
Printronix_T2N_EXLG_500 Printronix T2N EXLG 500
Printronix_T5000r-Series Printronix T5000R-Series
Zebra_105slplus Zebra 105sl Plus
Zebra_ZT200_series_ZT220_ZT230 Zebra ZT200 Series ZT220 ZT230
Zebra_ZT400_Series_ZT410_ZT420 Zebra ZT400 Series ZT410 ZT420
Zebra_110Xi4 Zebra 110Xi4
Zebra_140xi4 Zebra 140xi4
Zebra_170xi4 Zebra 170xi4
Zebra_220xi4 Zebra 220xi4
Sato-cl408e Sato CL408e
Sato-cl608 Sato CL608
Sato-GL408e Sato GL408e
Intermec-PM23c Intermec PM23c
Intermec-PM43 Intermec PM43
Intermec-PF2i Intermec PF2i
Intermec-PF4i Intermec PF4i
Intermec-PD41 Intermec PD41
Intermec-PD42 Intermec PD42
Intermec-PD43 Intermec PD43
Intermec-PX4i Intermec PX4i
Intermec-PX6i Intermec PX6i